About Us

The team at B&R Custom Foil Stamping is located in the Cincinnati area and has been in the foil stamping industry for more than two decades creating works of art by applying their skills and knowledge to paper. All production is performed in house. We have established relationships with frequent customers nationwide from New York to Texas. All of our customers range from graphic designers, to customer direct to corporate. OUR PHONE NUMBER CHANGED 513.330.6481

Corporate Work

B&R Custom Foil Stamping helps you create the best in all your corporate stationery needs from business cards and letterheads to pocket folders and brochures. Our newest product we have seen more of is foil stamp napkins with your business logo. 

Wedding & Events

Foil stamping, emboss, and die cutting from B&R Custom Foil Stamping can give your invitation for a wedding, baby shower, or a birthday party that extra something to send it over the top. Shimmer and some sparkle can give it that special touch. 

Bring your designs to life.

Our friendly, courteous attitude and flexible approach go hand in hand with our attention to quality, craftsmanship and custom service. B&R custom stands behind our craftsmanship and takes the time to make sure each piece that leaves our facility is perfect. We ensure the highest quality project by the utilization of new and old technology and knowledge of our processes.

As one of our quality assurances, every product is hand inspected on multiple occasions before leaving our facility giving you peace of mind that your product is of superior quality. All of the production processes done at B&R facilities are environmentally safe. We do ask that if you supply your own stock that you provide some overage.  Spoilage is not wanted but does occur.  The finished quantity and the amount of process will determine how much overage we need.  Typically we ask for between 10% and 20% to guarantee you get the correct amount to make order.  We do this to ensure the job is returned to you meeting the highest of quality standards. Request a Quote!

*** Starting June 1, 2015 all orders will be COD.  We will no longer be offering 15 or 30 day billing unless otherwise arranged by the Accounting department.  We apologize for any trouble this may cause but due to the nature of how business is down now we have to pay for all supplies and materials up front.  If you have any questions please give Tim or Ashley a call 513.330.6481***